My Story

I'm just a girl that loves to cook and bake. I'm a full-time mom and wife and also work part-time as a Registered Nurse. I'm not a culinary expert by professional standards, but making creations in the kitchen is a domestic pleasure. I developed my love for baking as a young girl while helping my mom in the kitchen. She shared her love and talents with me which instilled a joy for baking. One of my guilty pleasures was watching cooking shows and Julia Child on Saturday mornings. I love making food things and sharing them with others.

I grew up in a family that finds any reason to celebrate and create new traditions. Many of these celebrations and traditions involve food (ok, well nearly all of them) and they are some of my fondest memories from growing up. When I started my own family I knew that I wanted to pass the tradition of celebration to my children as well and the things that I love to create in the kitchen. So this blog is dedicated to that tradition. I hope it helps you to create your own traditions and discovering the joy in being your own kind of domestic.

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