Thursday, June 26, 2014


Holy cow you guys! I have been MIA and I'm sorry about that, but there's a good reason. Our family has expanded! Just know this post has absolutely nothing to do with a recipe. :)

Most of you know that we didn't find out the sex of our baby while I was pregnant, so it was a fun surprise and gave us a lot of anticipation. My labor went amazingly! It was a quick, intense, and empowering 3 hours of awesomeness! I've wanted to have a natural birth with my previous children, but the stars never aligned. My first was a c-section and my 2nd was a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). When we got pregnant this time we were both healthy and I had a previous successful VBAC so I knew this was my chance to have the birth I've dreamed about. We had an awesome water birth our local birth center with the best midwives, Chris Miller and Martina Craner. It was the coolest experience! We had an incredible doula, Andie Henthorn, from BirthRite Services that that was my right-hand lady. The midwives, Andie and my husband were the best birth support team that I could've hoped for! So needless to say, I've been spending the last several months preparing for our birth and have neglected my blog.

We welcomed another daughter, Elli Jo, to our family. She was a whoppin' 9lbs. and was 21.5 inches. Her birth was the most beautiful experience and I thank God for letting me experience it. I think her birth has sparked a new passion for me, so we'll see where it leads. I wanted to give a shout-out to our amazing photographer, Tara Jugler, with Snap Blossom Photography for capturing our birth story and doing a fantastic job on our newborn photos. We will treasure them!

Thanks for following along even though I've been a slacker. I'm excited to share some fun, new recipes with you!

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