Monday, February 11, 2013

Vanilla Bean Giveaway!

So I promised some vanilla beans when I got 100 "likes" on my FB page! Thanks to all of you, my page hit 100 "likes" tonight! Thanks for showing some love and following along. I really love cooking and baking and it's fun knowing people are reading. This has been a fun experience and it's been a fun hobby to pursue. And I can't tell you how much I LOVE vanilla beans in baking. And even more how much I love where I got them, an awesome company called Beanilla. They have a fantastic selection of gourmet vanilla beans for excellent prices AND their customer service is impeccable. If you need vanilla beans or extract-making supplies, check them out.

Thanks to all of those who "liked" my page, left comments on FB and the blog for the original contest from when my blog first started (you earned extra entries for that). You all are awesome. Be sure to follow along and share with your friends and family. The more the merrier. :)

Drum roll, please............................ The WINNER is #54, Susan Neal! Congratulations! You have 24 hours to claim your prize. Please contact me via here or Facebook and I'll send them out to you!

Winner,Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Don't forget that the Valentine's Giveaway ends tonight at 10pm MST. Hurry fast! You have less than an hour to enter!


  1. How awesome, just thrilled. I too cannot over emphasize how much better everything tastes with real vanilla beans/seeds. Now I'll be replenished, thanks and keep up the awesome blog!

  2. I am SO with you. Taste buds have not experienced life until they have tasted real vanilla/beans. I'm excited that you've worked with them before. Hope you enjoy them! These are one of my favorite variety to use in baking. I'll get these mailed to you this week. Thanks for following along! :)